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Are you an athlete who has trouble staying focused?

Are you looking for a competitive edge?

Do you perform better in practice than in competition?

Have you lost confidence or motivation after an injury?

How We Work

Lifesport has individual and group mental coaching programs designed to improve the performance of athletes, coaches, or teams in any sport. Coaching can be done in-person but most often can be conducted virtually! Your initial phone consultation to see if there is a fit with one of coaches is always free.

We always start with a mental skills assessment to determine the specific mental skills that need to be enhanced during competition. While many clients see results in as little as one session after the assessment, Lifesport typically works with athletes for 3-5 weekly sessions by providing each athlete with an individually tailored, mental routine in order to enhance the athlete’s performance during competition. Some of our athletes follow-up at various times throughout their careers for booster sessions in order to “tweak” various skills, but we are confident you will take away your own, specific mental toughness routine after just a few sessions!

Athletes who work with Lifesport undergo mental conditioning that includes but is not limited to the following:

  • An initial completion of a mental skills assessment to determine the specific mental skills that need to be enhanced during competition.
  • Athletes are taught the importance of developing breathing skills (known as the “easy button”) before, during, and following competition.
  • “The glue” of mental conditioning is teaching athletes the importance of realistic and positive self-talk: athletes will learn the necessity of selecting appropriate self-talk prior to competition, how to recover from poor performances, and the necessity of developing ongoing monitoring of self-talk.
  • Athletes will learn the importance of developing mental imagery/visualization and its relationship with “muscle memory.”
  • Athletes will learn how to concentrate during high pressure situations by utilizing self-directed cues during competition.
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Who We Are

Leading a team of sport psychologists and mental performance coaches, Lifesport’s Chief Psychology Officer (CPO) is Dr. Kevin Chapman. Dr. Chapman was an accomplished two-sport athlete at Centre College in Kentucky where he was an all-conference performer in both football and track and field. Dr. Chapman was an eight-time conference champion in track and field and named to the All-Anniversary team in the Southern Collegiate Athletic Conference for his performances in the 200 meters.

Dr. Chapman is the official pyschologist for Louisville City FC - back-to-back United Soccer League Champions! Before going in to private practice and founding Lifesport, he was a psychologist for the University of Louisville Athletic Department Sports Performance Team where he assisted both individuals and teams in performance enhancement through teaching mental toughness, enhancing self-talk, mental imagery, and other sports performance skills. Dr. Chapman is recognized in the Registry of Approved Mentors by the Association for Applied Sport Psychology (AASP).

Dr. Chapman regularly assists athletes of all ages who have become State Champions, All-Americans, Olympians, Pan American Champions, Junior Olympians, and professional athletes.


  • Dr. Chapman is a godsend! After watching my 14-year-old daughter have mental breakdown after mental breakdown while pitching for her fast pitch softball team, I took the measure of taking her to see Dr. Chapman. She implemented almost every tool he provided her, and, she never had another problem. Her mental toughness went through the roof and she became enjoyable to watch.
  • Our 10-year-old son plays club baseball and competes at a high level. My wife and I contacted Cheryl because we felt our son was experiencing distractions that were keeping him from reaching his full potential. After just a few sessions of working with him, the transformation was amazing to say the least. She really helped him to have a renewed amount of fun for the game, which in turn has allowed him to play with much more poise and composure. Even more impressive, the tools she was able to equip him with not only helped him on the field but also carried over into his school work and ability to handle the stresses of homework and weekly tests. My wife and I would highly recommend contacting Cheryl to help give your son or daughter a competitive edge and mental focus not just in sports but in life."
  • Dr. Chapman is compassionate and caring. I was incredibly grateful for his help and I would never have been able to do what I have without him. He made me feel like I was talking to a friend, not like I was speaking to a psychologist. I will forever be thankful for him. I've actually referred three people to him and they had great results.
  • My son plays basketball on a Freshman High School Team and Elite Travel Ball Team. I’m happy that I reached out to Cheryl to work with my son. On occasion, he was allowing his emotions to get in the way of is performance on and off the court. Not long after working with Cheryl, my son was playing a basketball game that my schedule as a working parent did not allow for me to attend. I had a parent that was watching the game send me a text message asking me what did I do with my son. This was a complete compliment as my son was handling his emotions and body language on the court as a result of the mind shift that took place from training with Cheryl. This carried over with his behavior at school as well. I would highly recommend her mental toughness training.
  • At one point I was all but done with coaching, but now that I know how powerful of an impact that mental toughness has on players, and I know how to provide players a path to become mentally tough, I'm loving it more than ever. It's rewarding to see the light go off in a player when they realize what I (through Dr. Chapman) have done for them. Thank you for your selflessness, Dr. Chapman!
  • Dr. Chapman is a compassionate, down-to-earth and honest professional. He has a gift for helping people - especially athletes - with mental toughness and focus. He is, without question, the go-to guy for anyone who is working to overcome and manage anxiety.
  • Since working with Cheryl, I have seen improvement on and off the court like never before. I love working with her because she is very knowledgeable, understanding, and wants to see me succeed. In our sessions she has given me many tools I can use to help my game right away. I have seen extreme growth in my confidence, skill level, and in my ability to play under pressure. I am looking forward to continuing to work with her, and to keep improving. I would highly recommend her training to anyone that wants to grow and succeed in their sport or in life.
  • Kevin is a wonderful guy and is a pleasure to work with! He is the most down to earth professional I have ever met! His techniques are top notch and work extremely well!

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